The scientific path of SPM Nanosolutions started 6 years ago, with fundamental research in academic context. Scientific validation was obtained by several articles, book chapters and Msc and PhD thesis. This work supported the public funding through 1 FCT Project, 1 FCT PhD Grant and 2 Portugal 2020 projects; one to ensure the intellectual property protection and another for technical development. 

SPM entrepreneurial journey started in 2018, with the participation in several pre-acceleration programs. 

After that, SPM was distinguished with some awards and the entrepreneur activity recognized by 5 entrepreneurship grants and the Spin-Off Status by University of Minho. These activities were associated with both national and international recognised entities. 

SPM Nanosolutions work was disseminated in several events, namely:

  • SpinUM 2018/2019, TecMinho
  • Hovione Health Innovation Prize, I3S (2018)
  • Nourish, INL (2018)
  • Sciencepreneurs- Fuel, INL (2019)
  • Everis awards 2019, Everis foundation (2019)
  • Green Discoveries 2019 (2019)