SPM Nanosolutions has developed a novel biocompatible magnetic- based nanosystem which aims the treatment of polluted effluents.

The system is based in three key features:

  1. photodegradation in the presence of visible light (disruptive feature);
  2. fit-to- user (adaptability) and;
  3. magnetic properties (recovery and reuse of the nanosystem).

Firstly , the nanoparticles are added to the effluent to be treated.

After a period of mixing in the absence of light (time to the pollutants be adosverd by the magnetic system), the effluent goes through a visible light source.

The light activate the photocatalytic mechanism that degrades the adsorbed pollutants. In the last step, a magnetic field is applied in order to recover the particles, enabling their use in multiple cycles.